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Being one of the last remaining dedicated racket sports specialists in the country, we try to give you the best racket advice possible.  We play test all the rackets we sell before we put them on the shelf, so we can help you find the best racket for you.

Cheap Rackets - demo rackets for sale

Nowadays there are literally hundreds of different rackets available to buy which means finding the best racket to compliment your game can be extremely difficult. Having never watched you play we can only offer advice based on the information you give to us on your ability and playing style, but of course the best way to be 100% sure on a racket before buying is to demo a racket first.

In Store Demo System

The best way to demo a racket is by coming direct to our store. You can demo 1 racket per week within a 3 month period and we have loads of demo rackets to try! Best of all, unlike some other retailers, we do not charge for this service if you buy your new racket from us.

Demo Days

For players who live too far away to join our demo racket programme, we do offer a demo day, where we come to your club and bring our demo rackets with us for you to try!

  • Try all the latest rackets at your club for free!
  • Free coaching is available for all standards if required!
  • All rackets and equipment will be available to buy!
  • All our great savings are available on the night!
  • We will even provide the shuttlecocks!

If you would like to apply for one of our demo days then please contact us and give as much information about your club night as possible, stating it’s location and how many people will be attending.**

Demo Rackets For Sale

We sell our demo rackets off when a tennis racket is discontinued and marked out of stock. This is usually a great time to pick up a cheap racket at a discounted price! Obviously the rackets have been used, however we keep records on how many weeks usage the rackets have had and they are priced accordingly.
**Applying for a demo day does not guarantee we will come to your club. Not all locations can be catered for, and not all dates maybe available. After submitting a demo day application we will attempt to contact you and let you know whether we can come to your club.

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