Yonex Voltric 70 Review

This is the new Voltric 70, the latest badminton racket from Yonex, finally retiring the very extremely popular Yonex Armortec 700, which was first launched way back in 2003.

Yonex Voltric 70 review

Yonex Voltric 70 has replaced the Armortec 700

As you can appreciate, in the last 7 years racket technologies have changed a lot, yet the Armortec 700 has remained the weapon of choice for many aggressive badminton players. The Yonex Voltric 70 ditches the Power Armour System that was so predominate in the Armortec range in favour of the Tri-Voltage system, which is designed to provide players with more power and manoeuvrability.

We have been lucky enough to be one of the first retailers in the UK to get our hands on the Yonex Voltric 70, and have spent the last couple of weeks thoroughly play testing the frame, comparing it to the older Armortec 700 and the Woods N90 from Li-Ning.

Yonex Voltric 70 Video Review

First Impressions

Yonex Voltric 70 badminton racket review

Yonex Voltric 70

The most important thing to note here is that the Yonex Voltric 70 is not just a colour update of the older Armortec 700 – This is a completely different frame; the Voltric 70 uses very different technologies to create a badminton racket that is designed to provide similar performance to the Arm 700. In fact the only similarities between the Voltric 70 and it’s predecessor are the rackets balance point and shaft stiffness. The Voltric’s frame is lighter, slimmer, and the CS cap has been replaced with a traditional smaller farrell.

One of the first things we noticed when looking at the frame is that Yonex have decided to use a thinner, rounder head shape and combine it with tungsten, positioned at 2, 6 and 10 o’clock. This provides a rigid box head shape for the new tri-voltage system technology, providing more head stability and increased repulsion for overhead hitting.


Yonex Voltric 70 Looks Awesome

Aesthetically the Voltric 70 looks really smart, and in our opinion one of the best looking badminton rackets on the market. The white, red and gold graphic places on the head of the frame really highlight the new Tri Voltage technology.

Build Quality

The Yonex Voltric 70 uses the Tri Voltage System

The Yonex Voltric 70 uses the Tri Voltage System

We have been play testing the Voltric 70 now for some time, and we have http://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ sold them since their release in March 2011 at the Yonex All England Championships, and we have not had concerns about the build quality of the frame. Historically Yonex have always been very good at manufacturing quality frames with very few manufacturing faults so I wouldn’t expect any issues to arise.

What I would mention though is that Yonex don’t recommend stringing the racket tighter than 24lbs. This is likely to put off a lot of aggressive badminton players who like to string their racket incredibly tight. We have strung our demos at 27lbs and have not noticed any performance or manufacturing problems but be aware though if you have your racket strung tighter than 24lbs you will not be covered by Yonex’s manufacturer warranty.

Value for Money

At first glance you may be forgiven to think that the Yonex Voltric 70 is too expensive; it’s over £30 more than the older Armortec 700.  However we feel this price increase is justified considering the vast improvement in manoeuvrability the Voltric technology gives the frame.

Racket Comparison Chart

Yonex Volric 70 Yonex Armortec 700 Li Ning Woods N90
Yonex Voltric 70 Yonex Armortec 700 Li Ning Woods N90
£BEST (£165 RRP) £N/A (£130 RRP) £159.99 (£180 RRP)
Weight: 4U 3U 3U
Flex: Stiff Stiff Stiff
Head Heavy Head Heavy Head Heavy
C.S. Carbon Nanotube
Ultra high modulus graphite, gForceTi, Ultimum Ti Carbon Fibre

It is also worth noting that whilst the Voltric 70 is £30 more than it’s predecessor, is still £15 cheaper than its closest rival not made by Yonex, Li-Ning Woods N90. So in today’s market the Voltric 70 would seem to offer good value for money against current generation badminton rackets designed for aggressive badminton players.


“The Voltric 70 looks great, the new technology performs well and it’s currently the best racket in its class. Don’t let the lower max stringing tension put you off, if you enjoy hitting overheads, you will love this frame…”


The Voltric 70 is lighter, and more manoeuvrable than both the Armortec 700 and the Li Ning N90, and as such we feel it is suitable for a wider variety of players from regular club to high level county players.

Some Armortec 700 fans maybe put off by the higher price, however we see the Voltric 70 as not only a replacement to the Armortec 700 but as an upgrade. It is also worth remembering the agile Voltric 70 is currently £15 cheaper than the powerful yet fairly un-manoeuvrable Li Ning Woods N90.

Written by Paul

Being a keen tennis player and general racket sports enthusiast, Paul has worked at Maurice Robinson Sports for over a decade. In 2009 Paul represented Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in the Gold Coast in Australia, winning 4 gold medals and 1 bronze in tennis, squash and table tennis. Currently playing with Head Prestige MidPlus - Alu Power Rough @ 62 lbs