Badminton Gift Ideas

Top Five Badminton Gift Ideas For Any Aspiring Badminton Pro

Whatever badminton gifts you’re looking for; from professional kit to smaller stocking fillers, we have a range of Christmas badminton gift ideas for any aspiring player. Order online or come down to our shop. Here is our countdown of our top five badminton gifts.

5. Badminton Shuttles

Badminton gift ideas - shuttlecocks

Badminton shuttlecocks

One thing is for sure; every badminton player needs shuttlecocks. Prices differ greatly depending on whether they use plastic or feather shuttles so make sure you discreetly find out what they use before picking shuttles as a stocking filler. Good quality plastic/nylon badminton shuttlecocks start at £7.99 and badminton feather shuttles at £16.90.

If you are unsure what type of shuttles they use, then the best thing to do is to see if you can find an empty container, find the name of the shuttle and (if it’s a feather) the speed.

4. Towel

Badminton gift ideas - Towel

What’s the first thing any serious badminton player is going to look for after coming off court from a hard training session? Our large Yonex badminton towels are 100% cotton, perfect for freshening up from the most intensive training sessions (Yes, that includes sessions run by our own Andy Hartley!). Prices start at £15.29.

3. Badminton Racket Bag

Yonex nine racket bag

Store lots of badminton kit in a 9 racket bag

Badminton racket bags come in a range of different shapes and sizes! Picking the right one comes down to how many rackets and how much kit they have. Nine racket bags, such as the Yonex Lin Dan edition racket bag, are very popular with our county and national players. If they have a lot of kit and a few rackets, or play multiple sports then a nine racket bag is the right choice.

If they don’t have that many rackets or that much kit then you could look at a six or three racket bag, or perhaps a rucksack.

2. Badminton Socks

Sports socks are the ultimate low cost little stocking filler for all badminton players! Don’t underestimate how important a good pair of sports socks are… some tournament players change clothing in between matches, so will always be grateful for a clean fresh pair of socks. Starting at £5.59, we have a variety of badminton socks on offer.

1. Yonex Clothing – Lin Dan’s Exclusive Kit

Badminton gifts - Yonex clothing

Limited edition Lin Dan clothing from Yonex

The perfect kit for any aspiring badminton professional, following the theory of: look the best be the best! Made using the very latest “Very Cool” technology, designed to keep top players cool under pressure, increasing the player’s focus on winning!

We are pretty sure Yonex cannot guarantee that wearing Lin Dan’s clothing will increase anyone’s chances of winning, however as you know looking good on court is half the battle 😉

The exclusive Lin Dan range from Yonex starts at £22.49 for shirts, ranging to £99.99 for jackets. We also have caps and shorts available.

Written by Paul

Being a keen tennis player and general racket sports enthusiast, Paul has worked at Maurice Robinson Sports for over a decade. In 2009 Paul represented Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in the Gold Coast in Australia, winning 4 gold medals and 1 bronze in tennis, squash and table tennis. Currently playing with Head Prestige MidPlus - Alu Power Rough @ 62 lbs