Top Five Tennis Rackets That Reward Aggressive Play

here are our top five tennis rackets suitable for aggressive tennis playersAs Novak Djokovic wins his first US OPEN and his third major of the year, he says his new aggressive approach is the key to his unbelievable 2011 form. Today we look at the top five tennis rackets on the market that we feel reward aggressive tennis players.

Tennis Rackets For Aggressive Players?

So, what is a tennis racket that rewards aggressive tennis players? Well it doesn’t necessarily mean the most powerful, as traditionally powerful tennis rackets where head-heavy, lightweight frames with thick beams, that were designed for players with a short, more compact swing-style. Whereas most aggressive tennis players want to hit big with a lot of top-spin from the back of the court. So for a tennis racket to suit an aggressive style of play, it must give power from all areas of the court, whilst being balanced enough to still allow the player to hit with a full swing.

So here is the moment you have waited for! Our top five tennis rackets that suit aggressive play:

No 5 – Head YouTek IG Extreme MP – RRP £140

HEAD YouTek IG Extreme Tennis Rackets

The Head Extreme MP is a forgiving tennis racket with an excellent balance point.

The Head Extreme was always a “Marmite” tennis racket with our customers; they either loved it or hated it. The newer IG Extreme, proved to be a little more popular, and provides a little more control, thanks to its use of d30 technology (providing more power for aggressive shots and more control when needed on drop shots).

What we love about the Head IG Extreme MP is that it does have a good weight (300 grams) and beautiful balance to it, which allows it to be powerful, and very quick through the air, while still providing a rock-solid feel from the back of the court. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than its rivals (Best Price £111.99) and represents great value for money.

Head do also make a Pro and an Elite version. The Pro is a little more heavy (+15 grams) but the weight appears to be loaded below the throat, which affects the lovely balance of the MP. The Elite is a lighter frame (-25 grams), which is good for juniors/improvers, but most aggressive tennis players will find it too forgiving.

No 4 – Babolat Aero Storm GT Tour – RRP £185

Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT tennis racket

The Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT is often overlooked but for a powerful frame it offers a surprising amount of control!

Personally, I am a big fan of this tennis racket. The Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT is always overlooked and disregarded by most aggressive tennis players in favour of it’s more popular sibling, the AeroPro Drive GT, but in my opinion to disregard it with out even demoing it is a crime!

For a tennis racket that is not used much on tour, it is pricey (Best Price £157.25), but it has a nice weighty frame (320 grams), it’s so well-balanced, and thanks to it’s thinner beam, still provides control and feel when needed. After a stressful days work there is nothing better than picking up the AeroPro Storm Tour and really smacking a few tennis balls from the back of the court.

No 3 – Wilson Pro Tour BLX – RRP £150

The Wilson Pro Tour BLX tennis racket

The Pro Tour BLX is a powerful tennis racket from Wilson, that's great for big, flat serving!

Juan Martin Del Potro might have dropped this racket and gone back to his trusty old K factor, but we still think Wilson Pro Tour BLX is worth try for anyone looking for a tennis racket that compliments aggressive play. Unlike the other frames in our top 5, Wilson opted for more of a closed stringing pattern with the Pro Tour BLX, which provides a lot of feel on drop shots and around the net but less spin.

The Wilson Pro Tour BLX is priced very well at £119.99 (Best Price), yet it’s still very powerful thanks to the shape and beam width of the frame. We would say it is excellent for a big hitter who likes to hit aggressively from all areas of the court (yes – even the net!), but a little more flat. If you have a slightly more flat, powerful serve, then don’t expect many returns coming back!

No 2 – Babolat Pure Drive GT Roddick – RRP £160

The babolat pure drive roddick tennis racket

Aggressive players will enjoy the immense power the Pure Drive offers, especially at the back of the court.

The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT is designed for expert, aggressive tennis players seeking power from all areas of the court along with comfortable feel. The extra weight the Pure Drive Roddick (315 grams) offers really complements the rackets balance, providing a really nice forgiving feel on impact.

Players who buy this racket can expect to enjoy the immense power it offers, especially at the back of the court. The cheaper price (£127.99 Best Price) represents great value considering all the technology used in the frame, and the Aero Pro Drive GT is about £20 more expensive.

No 1 – Babolat AeroPro Drive GT – RRP £185

Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT

The Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT allows players to hit big and deep with a massive amount spin!

In the end it was a very close call between the Pure Drive GT Roddick and the AeroPro Drive GT, however the AeroPro just edges it for us thanks to it’s more aerodynamic frame and open stringing pattern which allows for a frightening amount of top spin. It’s really forgiving, powerful and is really useful for opening gaps in the court by playing some outrageous angles.

String one of these frames up with Babolat RPM Blast or Luxilon Alu Power Rough and you’ll really notice the extra dip on the ball.


Ever since the Babolat launched the original Pure Drive, they have been the leading supplier of powerful tennis rackets for aggressive players. So it’s not too surprising to see that three of their tennis rackets have ended up in our top five list.
They are popular for a simple reason: they are still the best at designing tennis rackets for big hitting base-liners!

Written by Paul

Being a keen tennis player and general racket sports enthusiast, Paul has worked at Maurice Robinson Sports for over a decade. In 2009 Paul represented Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in the Gold Coast in Australia, winning 4 gold medals and 1 bronze in tennis, squash and table tennis. Currently playing with Head Prestige MidPlus - Alu Power Rough @ 62 lbs