Badminton Rackets

Adidas Badminton Rackets

Ashaway Badminton Rackets

Badminton rackets from Ashaway

Babolat Badminton Rackets

Badminton rackets from Babolat.

Carlton Badminton Rackets

Established in 1948, Carlton has a proud history in the badminton market. They were the first badminton racket manufacturer to design and make all metal rackets!

Head Badminton Rackets

Top technology for specific needs is key elements in HEADs goal of helping all badminton players achieve their best possible performance. HEAD Metallix, the exciting new breakthrough power technology; HEAD Airflow, specially developed for womens needs; and the innovative Nano and Titanium technologies make every stroke count.

Karakal Badminton Rackets

Karakal still have the lightest frames in the world with the SL and Mtec 70 and have added 2 Tour series frames to the 2010 collection. The Tour Lite and Tour Gel both use Nano Gel technology which equalises the frame load and disperses vibration and also have our muscle system which enables the frame to be strung at a lower tension but still give a high tenson feel.

Li Ning Badminton Rackets

The ultimate weapon, for the champion athlete! Li-Ning badminton rackets are top of the range badminton rackets used by all the best players in China, the Chinese national badminton team, including Lin Dan! Li-Ning has thrown a lot of money into their research and development department resulting in some really good frames that may even topple Yonex off their top spot in the badminton market.

Prince Badminton Rackets

Badminton rackets from Prince. O3 technology ? the latest innovation for badminton rackets.

Strength Pro Badminton Rackets

Strength Pro is a specific range of strength and power training products for badminton players of all levels looking to enhance their game. Strength Pro was created by Matthew Hughes, one of the UKs leading badminton players for the last decade. Matthew was a world ranked doubles player for many years and won a number of titles including Spanish Open in consecutive years. The first strength concept was developed by Matthew from analysis and observation, over many years of travelling and playing around the world and having the opportunity to witness various different training techniques used by top players. Several forms of resistance training have traditionally been used, ranging from the classic single head racket cover, to the use of squash rackets and in some instances, tennis rackets. The idea of a heavy badminton racket came about after a long time persevering with using a squash racket in training routines. Matthew felt the use of a squash racket was beneficial in terms of gaining strength and power within the specific muscles over a period of time. But what the squash racket failed to give you was the obvious, the touch and feel of a badminton racket. After several months research the Strength Pro concept became a reality. The main objective was to produce a badminton racket which had the weight resistance of a squash racket and the performance of a normal badminton racket. As many new products do, It took some time before the balance of the characteristics came into place. Strength Pro teamed up with Karakal, one of the worlds leading rackets brands to assist in the manufacture of the newly created Strength Pro badminton racket.

Wilson Badminton Rackets

Wilson has been a long term player in the tennis racket market. Being arguably one of the top makes for many years now. Their badminton rackets now appear to be benefiting from some their new racket technologies, such as the new [K] factor technologies, and are fast becoming a more recognised force in badminton racket department.

Yehlex Badminton Rackets

Yehlex (UK) was founded in 1985 by its present owner, Ian Little. His passionate love for the sport of Badminton proved to be the key to founding what has become one of the UKs most successful Badminton specialists. In the beginning Yehlex had only four rackets in their range, of which only one was carbon graphite. Nowadays we have a total of twenty-four rackets in our range of which eighteen are of carbon graphite construction!

Yonex Badminton Rackets

Yonex have been manufacturing badminton rackets in Japan since 1957. Currently Yonex is the dominant corporate player in badminton.

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